14 hilarious photos of discount dress fails

Shopping online has many advantages. It’s convenient not to have to leave home, search for your size, take everything off, put it on again, wait in a long line, and so on. There are so many good offers online too, plus it just gets delivered right to your door. What can go wrong?

Well, if you're in the market for a discount or knockoff, a lot as it turns out.

Not getting to see and try on an item of clothing before you buy it means it can turn out to be very, very different from what you imagined when you clicked on that “purchase” button. And when the items were supposed to be an EXTRA good deal, when you open the package you sometimes find out why they charged so little. Sometimes the consequences are as outlandishly funny as the ones in these pictures. 

When it happens to you, buying knockoff dresses online will be a thing of the past!

Is this really the same dress?!

Dictionary definition of "pulling the wool over (the customer’s) eyes”…?

Neither the design…

...nor the fabric match!

You get what you pay for.

Glamour? Uh...

I’m guessing they don’t accept returns.

I'm getting mixed messages…

When you went looking for a designer store but ended up at the flea market.

Expectation vs. reality.

Find the seven differences (well, at least seven).

Whoever sold this pulled off the heist of their life.

Perfect for your kid’s next birthday party!

These women thought they’d purchased the dress of their dreams. Instead, they got the dress of their nightmares. But they’ve clearly handled it the best way you could: with humor. 

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