An abandoned dog in a plastic bag gets rescued

Emilia Lucchese and Enrica Bianchi were hiking in southern Italy, when they saw a black plastic bag that seemed to be moving. Intrigued, they came a little closer and, despite the nauseating smell, decided to open it. What a shock! What they saw inside was beyond anything they could have imagined.

It was a dog, abandoned and in the worst condition. Her legs were tied up with cables and parasitic worms were eating her body. The poor animal was in a state of shock, completely traumatized.

The two women immediately named her Oliveira and took her to a veterinarian, who realized that her two back legs were paralyzed.

Who would do such a thing to a dog? The veterinary team took great care that she would feel well. She even started wagging her tail again!

How lucky that Oliveira was on her rescuers’ path. They have now adopted her and she's cheerful again. She can’t walk perfectly yet, but at least she’s in a loving family! Everyone who hears this story is very touched by it — and ready to fight for her. Angela Biondo, a volunteer, started a fundraising campaign to pay Oliveira’s medical treatment. The police are looking for the perpetrator of the original misdeed.

But the most important thing is that Oliveira is doing well now. The two friends were able to overcome their apprehension and help a dog that needed it so much. Despite the horror she went through, Oliveira now has a second chance at happiness!


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