Kind policeman saved elderly man, bringing tears to viewers' eyes

One afternoon, a police officer in Tainan, Taiwan was notified that an elderly man was stuck in a gutter in urgent need of help. Officer Ye San Gui rushed to the spot and was confronted with one of the most distressing scenes he’d ever witnessed.  

The old man had been riding on a bike when he had an accident and fell into the gutter. He wasn’t able to get out by himself and no one knew how long he had been there. He was absolutely covered with mud; it was caked on his arms, legs, and face. Officer Ye gently helped him out and kept him seated while assessing him for injuries.

The officer inquired where the man lived, but without waiting to take him home, used a nearby hose to rinse off some of the mud. The man seemed terribly embarrassed by his predicament, trying to move away and saying he just needed to get home.

“But your head is injured and you’re covered in mud. Let the ambulance take you — it’s on the way. Please sit down first and let me help clean you up a bit,” Officer Ye suggested, trying to persuade him to stay. He wiped the man’s face with a towel, removing the dirt and stains as carefully and warmly as if the man were his own father.


The ambulance arrived at last and the elderly man agreed to go to the hospital for a more thorough check-up. Countless people saw and were deeply touched by the short video of the rescue.

Fortunately, it turned out that the old man’s injuries weren’t serious and he’s now safe and sound. 

In Taiwan, the police are considered the people’s caretaker — Officer Ye is a great example of this in the best possible sense!


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