Family surprises nurse who took care of their premature baby

A few years ago a couple entered the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Canada. The woman, Sarah, was in a very serious condition. A disease had led to multiple organ failure and her life was in danger. She was pregnant at the time, so the doctors induced an emergency delivery, then took her in to surgery to save her life.

Born at just 27 weeks and weighing under 2 lbs, the baby’s name was Connor. He measured little more than a hand’s length and was struggling to survive. 

Four years later, the parents of a perfectly healthy Connor had not forgotten what that nurse did for them. Without such care, Connor may not have survived. 

We can be sure there are many other people grateful for Gwenn’s attentive care. Spending time in a hospital is never pleasant for anyone. But when there are people as generous as she is, it’s possible to light up the daily lives of the sick. Hurray for Gwenn and all the healthcare workers who take care of their patients as if they’re their own family!




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