Warning: Removal of tampon from man's nose leaves everyone in shock!

A nosebleed, while never convenient, is for the most part a pretty harmless affair. But sometimes, like in the case of Stephen Lewin, the flow of blood is in no hurry to stop. While vacationing at Lake Garda in Italy, Stephen's nose began to bleed and wouldn't stop. Local doctors used tampons as a makeshift solution to the problem. Back at home, Stephen's doctor had the pleasure of removing these tampons, and he was certainly not prepared for what he found...

Warning: This video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Like a magician, Dr. Aws Alfahad pulled two slimy, endless scarves from his patient's nose. How the other doctors managed to push the tampons so deep into Stephen's nasal cavity remains a mystery. It seemed as if they were almost touching his brain. Stephen is certainly happy to be able to breath freely and easily again. The look that he gives his doctor after the procedure is priceless! 


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