Mime accepts dance challenge from young spectator

Mimes are known for moving in peculiar ways — sometimes not at all. This one turns out to have some very special abilities that one young fan wanted to see more of. 

Noah Kenaley is a talented and skillful dancer specializing in dubstep. But when he was still practically a kid and saw a regional dance star performing as a mime at the mall in Cincinnati, he knew just what to do.

Using gestures, he challenged the older man to a dance-off. The mime accepted and invited Noster to begin. What happened next between the man painted grey and the normal-looking kid was not what any of the spectators would have predicted. Over 10 million people have now enjoyed it too:

The man covered with grey paint goes by the artist name "Eclypse". He's actually a member of the beloved regional dance group "Millenium Robots," which does shows all in grey with human-robot choreography.

If anyone can dance fantastically to dubstep, he sure can! Since then he and Noah have become friends and even performed together. And Noah has grown up quite a bit, now producing his own dance videos under the name "Noster" and publishing them online. 

What a great and courageous response Noah had to someone who inspired him, and on Eclypse's part, to the next generation dancer who both looked up to and challenged him! And how often do performers get the chance to compete in such a friendly, enjoyable way? Clearly they had as much fun as their audience as their resulting friendship testifies.


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