Hero on all fours: Dog saves wedding guests from bomb attack

A heroic dog recently singlehandedly saved the guests at a wedding in a town in northeastern Nigeria. Participants had gathered together as a teenager approached and tried to join the crowd unnoticed. Under her dress was a bomb.  

No one was paying attention to her except for a dog who belonged to one of the guests.


He jogged straight towards her and jumped up, pushing her away from the group. As she struggled with the dog, the bomb was detonated. The only casualties were the attacker and the dog. All the wedding guests survived. 

Suicide bomb attacks are tragically all too frequent in this part of Nigeria. The terrorist insurgency group Boko Haram have frequently used children for attacks like this. What an incredible stroke of luck this time, that such a brave, spirited dog was there to protect his master — and everyone else.  




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