A little girl has a nightmare experience using a public toilet

Everyone should want public toilets to be clean and secure. At some point every one of us will have to use them. So of course we always hope, even expect, that they're sanitary. We certainly don't expect that someone would endanger the next user, just for fun. But this British mother and her daughter learned the very hard way, that such people do exist. When Nicole Langmead went into McDonald's to eat after a relaxed day of shopping with her four-year-old daughter Kaya, neither of them suspected the horror awaiting the little girl.

Youtube/Zofia Kara

Before they left for home, Kaya wanted to go to the bathroom. They waited in line and after two giggling teenage girls left, Kaya went into the stall. Nicole thought about the trip home, and was looking forward to a lovely evening in. Suddenly she heard her daughter scream. 


Kaya ran out of the stall and Nicole was horrified to see raw, red areas on her daughter's legs. After calming Kaya down, Nicole looked at the toilet. There she discovered that someone had spread superglue all over the seat.


The glue stuck to Kaya's little legs and when she wanted to stand up again, it tore at a large area of her skin. Nicole was stunned. Who would do such a thing? When Nicole alerted the employees, they immediately called the police and then very sweetly comforted Kaya, giving her a balloon and a toy.

Youtube/Jessica Bell

Nicole was touched by the dedication of the employees but, at the same time, furious at the perpetrators. The teenage girls were the first and last suspects: they were tracked down and confessed. Nicole just hopes that no one else will have to experience the shock and pain that her daughter went through.


Ultimately Kaya recovered from her injury and fright. Even though the experience didn't leave scars, it can be hard to get over a shock like that. In the video, Nicole tells the whole story: 

Nicole hopes that this story will alert other parents, and encourage them be cautious: "To other parents: always be careful where you're kids are playing and better take a look yourself first to be sure everything's ok." In the end, the teenage girls apologized to Nicole and her daughter. It sounds like they realized the harm they'd done and hopefully learned their lesson!


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