Rich couple ridicule stressed mother only to get deserved comeuppance

Lindsay Rae was waiting in line at the supermarket after a long exhausting day. It was crowded, people were grumbling, kids whined — a pretty normal evening. 

The woman standing in line in front of Lindsay had her hands particularly full. She was trying to keep five wound-up kids under control as they inched forward toward the cashier.  

Flickr/Casey Hugelfink

Then Lindsay realized that the people behind her were making fun of the family in front of her. She recounted what happened next in an incredible Facebook post that she wrote as soon as she got home. It quickly went viral, getting read by millions the world over and shared over 250,000 times. When you read it, you'll know why:

It's great that there are such brave and generous people as Lindsay out there — not to mention the new foster mother she met at the grocery store. We can all learn something from their example — especially people like that mean-spirited couple in line behind them! 


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