Siberian Snow White: Eight-year-old with albinism becomes model

With her white-blond hair and alabaster skin Nariyana isn't like anyone in her dark-haired, brown-eyed family. The eight-year-old from Siberia was born with albinism and the missing pigment in her skin has earned her the nickname "Snow White." 

Due to her unusual appearance a number of modeling and advertising agencies have become interested in the schoolgirl. But her mother, Elena, wants her to have a proper childhood for a little longer.

"...I don't want her to work yet. When she grows up, she'll choose who she wants to be for herself," explained Nariyana's mom.

"When I ask her now, she says she wants to be a model." But for now, Nariyana loves to draw and dance in her free time.

Photographer Vadim Rufov got permission to take a few pictures of the little girl and came away a fan: "She is incredibly artistic and she spent two hours posing for me. Her eyes don't like bright light, but, despite this, the pictures came out brilliantly."

As lovely as Nariyana is, it's hard not to sympathize with her mother and wish the child a happy, "normal," childhood. Then it will be fascinating to see what she decides to do when she grows up!  


Daily Mail 


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