Simple remedy! Vaseline frees girl from a terrible skin disease

Warning: This article contains images that readers may find disturbing.

Nagina is 13 years old and lives in a rural area of Nepal. Her parents quickly noticed that something was wrong with their daughter's skin: she was suffering from ichthyosis. Youtube/News Info

A genetic keratinization disorder of the skin, ichthyosis has no cure, but its symptoms are treatable and it is not contagious. It causes the skin to be extremely rough, thick, and scaly. Sufferers must spend several hours a day exfoliating and moisturizing to prevent a thick crust from forming on their skin. 

Nagina's parents already had to struggle just to feed their children every day. They had neither the expertise nor the resources to appropriately care for her. Furthermore, in isolated regions such as where they live, disfiguring diseases carry a strong social stigma and cause people to isolate themselves due to shame. 

And so it was that Nagina's condition became worse and worse, until she could no longer move. She lived in a shed next to her family's hut and spoke to no-one — hers was an agonizing and lonely existence. 


"Every family loves their child, but when you live in a house where there isn’t even enough to eat and drink, other issues are not a priority," said Dr. Bibek Banskota of Nepal's Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children.

When his colleagues from the organization's rural division brought Nagina to him, she had to be carried and didn't speak a word. The doctor quickly realized how best to treat her skin with a completely ordinary household product: Vaseline. 


The nurses at the hospital bathed Nagina every day with mild soap and wrapped her from head to foot in Vaseline soaked gauze. She received physiotherapy to get her limbs used to moving again. For the first time in her life, she was expertly cared for.

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In only a matter of weeks, the condition of her skin had improved dramatically. Nagina got to know other children in the hospital and began to smile and eventually also to talk. Meanwhile, the best news of all is that the worldwide aid organization Direct Relief heard about Nagina's case and agreed to provide her with a lifetime supply of Vaseline.

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At the moment, Nagina attends a school for children with disabilities."The difference something as simple as Vaseline has made to her life is incredible," Dr. Banskota said of his patient. "She is very bright — and despite being born with a deformed hand, she has adapted and has better handwriting than me."

Nagina has developed into a lively girl who loves to laugh and has many friends at school.

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It's amazing what a fantastic improvement has been achieved with so few resources! Hopefully Nagina's newly found smile will remain with her for a long time.


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