Boy makes one false move and enters world of pain. Who will save him?

Seventeen-year-old American Muntathar Altaii, whom friends and family call Mun, was helping his parents in the garden one day. He was removing a tree root when one false move changed his easygoing life completely. Suddenly his body was filled with a scary combination of pain and numbness, he could hardly move, and he sank into a deeper and deeper depression.
After a long search though, he found a chiropractor in Australia who thought he could help. All Mun wanted was to be able to attend his high school graduation. Although of course, recovering any ability to move and decreasing the pain would have been good bonuses.
You can watch the amazing dedication and detailed attention the doctor gives him in this video. (When you see Mun's dad at 8:55 there's no way your eyes don't well up.)

It's a beautiful thing to know that some doctors just won't give up on you. This chiropractor deserves a medal for sticking with it and giving this young man his life back! 


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