10 moms you can't tell apart from their daughters

The following 10 pictures actually show completely normal mother-daughter photos. But do you know who is who? The results completely surprised me! What is their secret?


This family photo shows twin sisters Kaylan and Kyla Mahomes. But who is the third woman in the picture? It's actually the twins' 37-year-old mother, on the far left.



Admittedly, here it's a little easier to tell. The woman on the right of the picture is Amber Riley — together with her mother Leslie. The two of them look so alike, however, that they even won a Mother-Daughter Lookalike competition with this photo.


With this trio I would probably never have guessed who was the mother and who were the daughters. It shows both sisters Cayla and Cheyanne with their mother Nikkia Griffith — the woman with the bun!



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Polina Maximova, 28, is a successful Russian actress. To the left of her, that's not her twin sister, but her 51-year-old mother Svetlana.


On the right of the picture is 19-year-old Navya Naveli Nanda, granddaughter of two celebrated Bollywood actors. Near her on the left sits her 43-year-old mother Shweta.



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I got this picture completely wrong. In the photo you can see 41-year-old American actress Evelyn Lozada (left) together with her 24-year-old daughter Shaniece (right).


Confusingly similar: 16-year-old Katelynn Jensen with her mother Kristine (on the right).


Ok, now it's getting really difficult: one of the three girls in this photo is the mother of the other two and she's 63 years old! It's actually the woman in the middle. To the right and left of her you can see her daughters Lure (41) and Sharon (36).


As well as being mother and daughter, both these women are YouTube stars with a shared channel. The daughter, 25-year-old Imani (left), looks strikingly similar to her 48-year-old mother, Susan Evans.



With daughter Carly and her mother Carla Caldwell-Richmeier you also have to look really closely. Although they could easily pass for sisters, Carla (right) is a few years older.

These mothers seem to have found the legendary Fountain of Youth. And for their daughters it must be very reassuring that they have inherited their mothers' genes — so they don't need to worry about what they'll look like as they get older.


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