Heartwarming: Terminally ill 91-year-old knits caps for the homeless

91-year-old Morrie Boogart from Michigan doesn't have much longer to live. Skin cancer and kidney disease have him bedridden in a hospice. But that doesn't stop him from helping others. From his bed, Morrie knits warm wool beanies, which are then packed in boxes and distributed to the homeless.

Twitter/FOX 5 DC

Since his daughter taught him to knit in 2001, he hasn't put the needles down. He gave up counting after making 8,000 hats, but he's still at it! "I'm very slow now," says the former baker. "It takes me two days to finish a hat. But it gives me something to do. And I love to help people!"

Twitter/Hospice Action

Hats off to this kind old man!


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