University student builds colorful igloo

Earlier this year, a blizzard hit the United States, producing massive amounts of snow in the Northeast. Naturally most people wanted to stay indoors, but university student Mitch Fritz, from Minnesota, had a completely different idea. The young hockey player decided to build an igloo! To do so, he bought hundreds of bread tins and filled them with dyed water, then left them to freeze overnight.


Afterwards, he meticulously marked out the floor plan in the snow. 


The next morning, Mitch's "building blocks" were ready and he got to work. It took him around two days to complete the igloo, and the result was stunning. "I'm not much of a gamer, or a video game guy, so it was just a way to spend more time outside," he said. The colors make his construction really stand out and when the light shines through, the interior has rainbow-like atmosphere. 





"It's kind of neat how you can use all the natural materials in different ways, whether you're playing hockey on it or building an igloo," Mitch said. 


15 hours and over 500 frozen bricks went into making the igloo. Not even a blizzard can come between a young person, and a great idea!


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