Hidden camera catches caregivers abusing woman in nursing home

WARNING: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

Like many elderly people who require round-the-clock assistance, Minnie Graham was spending her final days in a nursing home in Garland, Texas. The 98-year-old was not only a gentle, friendly woman, but also a great-great grandmother who was adored by her huge family.

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But when Minnie told her granddaughters Terri Hardin and Shirley Ballard that people at the nursing home were hurting her, they were shocked. She mentioned one caregiver in particular who was being extremely cruel to her.

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When members of her family noticed that she was often suffering from injuries, they were concerned and asked the management of the nursing home what was going on. The explanation: Minnie had been falling out of her wheelchair. Minnie's family didn't buy it for a second. They knew that something was wrong and came up with a very modern idea to find out the truth.

They set up a hidden camera in Minnie's room and filmed what was happening there. The resulting footage was extremely disturbing to say the least.

When they watched the video, they couldn't believe their eyes — there on the screen they could clearly see Minnie's supposed "caregiver" shoving her, slapping her and pulling on her arm and her hair. The abuse also included stuffing a filthy cloth in the helpless woman's mouth and spraying her with water.

Youtube/FOX 4 News

Youtube/FOX 4 News

But the abuse wasn't only physical. Minnie's family listened in horror as the nursing home employee called their beloved matriarch "ugly" and "retarded." Minnie could be heard crying and calling for help that never came.

Youtube/FOX 4 News

And as if this wasn't bad enough, it turned out that this employee wasn't the only one who had been abusing Minnie. Another caregiver can also be seen in the video pushing Minnie around, pinching her and speaking to her in a cruel tone. Teri Hardin, one of Minnie's many grandchildren, summed it up perfectly. "No compassion at all. No compassion."

You can watch this news report to find out all the details of this sad story:

The family brought the video to the police and they immediately took action. The caregivers who inflicted the abuse have since been dismissed from their jobs but unfortunately, they have not yet been brought to justice for their horrible crimes. Astoundingly, one of them has even found a new job working at a nursing home. Hopefully, when enough attention is drawn to the story, that will all change.

A few weeks after the video was made, Minnie passed away. "It definitely did affect her will to live," commented Hardin in an interview. Another granddaughter believed that all the abuse had taken too hard a toll and Minnie had simply "given up."

It was a horrible way for a person to spend their remaining time on this earth and one can only hope that Minnie found some peace before she took her final breath. At least she knew that she was loved and that her family would do anything to help protect her. Now it's time for some justice to make sure these cruel and heartless people don't have the chance to do this ever again.


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