Very happy donkey poses after being rescued

A powerful storm off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland last year caused record rainfall and significant flooding. Luckily there were no human casualties but some of our furry four-legged friends weren’t so fortunate. A number of animals didn’t find shelter in time, including our Irish protagonist Mike, a donkey. 

Mike was grazing in a field in County Kerry, Ireland, when the storm hit. The force of the rushing waters damaged the gate of his corral and dragged him away. The helpless donkey spent a night in the deep waters of an accidental lake created by overflow from a nearby river. It wasn’t until the next morning that his owner found him trapped in the water.

Since he didn’t have the means to get out into the deep water and rescue his long-eared friend, the owner called “Animal Heaven Animal Rescue,” an Irish organization that rescues and cares for animals in need. Suzanne Gibbon, head of the shelter, posted a message on Facebook: “Code red. Today's emergency. Please help me. There is a donkey stranded in deep flooding in Killorglin. I need a boat and men to help. I have ropes etc. Please get me help.”

It didn’t take long for the help to arrive. Without hesitation, the local rowing club’s coach took his boat out to where Mike was stuck. Working as a team, they retrieved the donkey with a life preserver, leading him back to firm ground with ropes.

The donkey could not have been happier to see these humans: he couldn’t stop smiling!

Now that Mike was safe, they prepared him a warm meal, dried him and covered him with blankets. Then they called in a veterinarian to treat him preventively against pneumonia. Mike has recovered and is now so famous — not just for the stirring story of his rescue but also for his contagious smile — that he’s been interviewed on TV.

His smile really is contagious, isn’t it? This donkey knows that when people drop everything to help save you, a smile is the best response.

Watch this video to see more happy images from Mike's rescue:

Good luck, Mike, and stay dry!




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