Fireman who saved baby gets to see her graduate from high school

Seventeen years ago a fireman called Mike Hughes responded to a call that he'll never forget. When rescuers arrived at the Davison house, it was already burning fiercely. One after the other, family members were pulled from the flames, but then they realized that a baby was still inside the house.

It didn't take Mike long to make the decision to rush back into the blaze. In one of the rooms he found 9-month-old Dawnielle, rolled in a ball in the corner of her cot. He lifted the little girl into his arms and — to the huge relief of the family and firefighters alike — managed to make it back outside.

His actions made him a local hero.


The brave fireman recalled those moments many years ago: "When we arrived, a large part of the house was already engulfed in flames. I found Dawnielle curled up in her crib in the bedroom." That image never left his mind.

Years later he wondered how the little girl was doing and looked her up on Facebook. He found her profile and wrote her a message. From that moment on, the connection was made and the two of them stayed in touch. Mike slowly became like a second father to Dawnielle. 


Then seventeen years after the fire, Dawnielle graduated from high school. Mike was also invited to take part in the celebration. What would it be without her rescuer and friend?

When Dawnielle took the stage to give her speech, Mike couldn't hold back his tears. She said, "Mike’s presence here is really important to me. I always cry from happiness when I think about how everything could have been so different. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you."


The young girl feels lucky to have Mike in her life, not only as her rescuer, but also as one of her dearest friends.


What a beautiful story and wonderful gift for both of them. They will forever be connected by that special bond — of survival and gratitude!


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