Comedian Patton Oswalt comes to terms with his wife's death


Last year, Patton Oswalt had to deal with a very cruel twist of fate. The actor, famous for his role on the hit series "King of Queens," awoke one day to find his wife, crime author Michelle McNamara (46), lying dead beside him in bed. As he came to terms with his tragic loss, he let his feelings out in a moving Facebook post.

On April 21, 2016, Oswalt's life was suddenly changed forever when he woke up one morning to find out that his wife Michelle had died in her sleep. She was only 46 years old and the cause of death was unclear — until now.

After an investigation, medical examiners were able to determine how Michelle died. Her death was due to an undiagnosed heart condition combined with various medications she had been taking. The heart condition had caused severe clogging in her arteries. Michelle had been taking pain killers, Xanax (anti-anxiety medication) and Adderall (a medication that helps with concentration problems), which had all aggravated her heart condition and led to her death.

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The mourning husband expressed his shock and grief in this moving Facebook post...

Patton's words show an incredible amount of perspective for someone who so unexpectedly lost the love of his life. 

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Patton has slowly managed to get on with his life and look towards the future thanks to an amazing show of support from his family, friends, and especially his little daughter Alice. Dealing with such a tragic loss is never easy, but at least he seems to have found the right frame of mind and can look forward to better days ahead.


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