Brutal attack: Woman bitten 21 times by raging ex-boyfriend

Melody Moon and Jamie Mitchell from Yeovil, England, had known each other since childhood. They even went to the same primary school. Years later when Jamie helped Melody get a job in the gastro-pub where he was working, their relationship became romantic and they started dating. But after only a year their relationship began to develop a dark side...

In the beginning Melody was completely in love with Jamie and the young couple spent all of their free time together. But Jamie became more and more obsessive and would complain when Melody didn't spend the night with him. Her friends began to warn her that Jamie wasn't good for her. Despite all of this, Melody stayed true to her boyfriend and continued the relationship.

But as time went on, Melody began to feel differently and attempted to distance herself from Jamie. She even gave up her job at the pub so she wouldn't have to see him as often. Jamie could sense that he was losing his grip on her. Jamie's jealousy got so bad that it actually came to a violent confrontation in which he almost pushed Melody out of a second story window. After that incident, Melody ended the relationship for good and avoided Jamie at all costs.

Not long after that a chance meeting on the street brought the two together again. Jamie was remorseful and claimed that he wanted to make it up to her, to maybe try again. Melody was skeptical but agreed to go with Jamie to his mother's house to talk things over. Unfortunately it would end up being one of the worst decisions of her life.

When they arrived at the house Melody could sense that something was wrong. The remorseful look on Jamie's face had disappeared and had been replaced with something far more sinister. She'll never forget what happened next: "Suddenly Jamie punched me to the ground and wrapped his hands around my throat. 'You're going to die' he said and dragged me by my hair to the sofa. He said he was going to bite my face so no man would look at me again. As his face came towards mine I realized in disbelief he was sinking his teeth into my skin, biting my cheek, lips and ears," recalled the distraught young woman. The attack was brutal. Jamie had broken her nose, cheekbone and her right eye socket. Her face was covered with deep bite wounds and she had several other injuries on the rest of her body.

"Jamie had torn into my face 21 times. It felt like he'd tried to eat me alive," remembers Melody. When she looked in the mirror she couldn't recognize herself: "I thought Jamie was right, no one will ever look at me again. I looked like a monster."

The horrible attack has left Melody with more than just scars on her face. The 25-year-old suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is currently undergoing psychological treatment. She is also living in a home for abused women until she is ready to handle life on her own again.

Jamie was apprehended by police and charged with assault. But he only received a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence and a restraining order which forbids him from ever contacting Melody again. He has also been sentenced to successfully complete a 30-day course that will help him deal with his relationship issues.

Melody is still dealing with the mental and physical scars that Jamie has inflicted on her and is afraid to start a relationship with anyone new.

This is a tragic story, but there is a lesson to be learned: if you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic violence, seek help before it's too late. Every community offers special services to help women escape abusive relationships, but they can't help until the call is made. Because no one should suffer the horror that Melody had to endure. There might also be some lobbying to be done: shouldn't judges understand how dangerous someone like Jamie is and sentence him accordingly?  

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