Pet store owner saves cat that was hit by a car

Warning: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

Melissa Popham has what most animal lovers would consider a dream job: she works at a pet store. She chose the job because she wanted to take care of furry little critters every day. In fact, Melissa's love for animals is so strong that it attracted the attention and curiosity of a local cat that started visiting the pet store regularly. And why not? It got lots of petting, was fed some snacks and got to meet the other animals.


Melissa showered her new feline friend with love and affection and a true friendship developed. But one morning the cat did not show up at the store and after a few days without a visit from her friend, Melissa began to worry.

Finally, five days later, the cat appeared in front of the store and Melissa went out to greet it. But when she got close she could see that something wasn't right and when she turned the nervous kitty over, she screamed in horror. The cat was badly injured and she could tell that it was in great pain.

Lucky Mister Pickle kitty... this little man was a stray coming around my work for food and of course we obliged his needs being a pet store. Then he was struck by a car. 6k later he's the best indoor baby I could ask for.

The poor cat had obviously been hit by a car. It was in such bad shape that it was actually hard for Melissa to look at him — its jaw and snout were broken, it had several broken ribs and there were cuts all over its belly.

Melissa rushed the cat to a veterinary clinic where it underwent an operation. The vet had to use a screw to hold the cat's jaw in place.


Plastic pipes were inserted to reposition its ribs.


After the operation, the cat stayed in the clinic for 45 days to recover. Melissa started a fundraising campaign to pay for the treatment and thanks to some generous donations she managed to raise enough to cover the $6,000 bill. She also decided to adopt the cat and named him Mr. Pickle.


Today, Mr. Pickle is now a member of Melissa's family and he even has another new friend — a black cat that has welcomed him into his territory


They love to hang out together on the couch...


... and both of them are very grateful to Melissa for giving them such a loving home.


Mr. Pickle is now truly happy and is finally getting the care he deserves.


It's well known that cats have very keen senses, and Mr. Pickle must have felt something very special about Melissa. He instinctually knew that she was the right person for him. And when the time came and he needed her the most, she stopped at nothing to save his life. Way to go, Melissa! We wish you and Mr. Pickle all the best!




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