Grim: Hunter kills herself after extreme online bullying

Melania Capitan, a 27-year-old from Spain, had a very controversial passion: she was a committed hunter and had, over the years, killed countless animals. She posted photos freely online, in which she posed proudly with her kills, and described her hunting experiences in detail on her blog.

Melania had more than 10,000 fans on social networks, but she was not universally acclaimed for her questionable hobby — animal lovers and people concerned about the environment attacked her online, insulted and threatened her, and said they wished she would drop dead.

After she received more than 3,000 hate messages, and threatening notes were stuck on her car, in 2016 Melania went to the police. However, there was little they could do, as it was difficult to establish who was sending the threats and abuse.

Now, the young woman has been found dead in her home — all appearances indicate that she took her own life and left behind a farewell letter for her closest friends.

Those close to Melania are horrified and blame years of online bullying for her tragic decision. Meanwhile, many people have welcomed her death, commenting gleefully online with remarks like, "You've done humanity a favor. Bye-bye!", "Burn in hell, psycho!" or simply "Karma."

The president of the Royal Spanish Federation of Hunting, has now announced that his organization has lodged a criminal complaint against those who sent death threats to Melania.

Her passion for hunting was definitely something that people had the right to strongly criticize.

But when a person feels so hopeless that they take their own life, then that is always a time for sorrow — and not for disrespectful scorn.

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