Dog battles cancer with daily walks

Joey Maxwell and his wife live in Florida. Eight years ago, they decided to adopt a dog. They went to their local shelter and found Maverick, a Golden Retriever puppy. The pup had been abandoned in the woods and was terribly thin.

"When we got him, he was absolutely skin and bones, but he was perfect. He loved us immediately and we knew he was going to be our dog. We've had him ever since and it's been spectacular,” said Joey.

Maverick was delighted with his new family and he brought lots of love into the household, but when he turned six, he was diagnosed with cancer. Rather than letting his health deteriorate, Joey and his wife decided to get him chemotherapy.

Sadly, the cancer returned. This time, Maverick's condition was very serious.

One morning, Joey and his wife woke up and heard yelps coming from his basket. "He couldn't walk," said Joey. "He was just laying there on the floor and could barely lift his head. He wouldn't eat or drink and he was shaking.”

A visit to the vet didn't bring any good news. Maverick got to return home, but everyone thought he was at death's door.

"We decided that if this was it, we didn't want him to feel depressed, laying around the house and hearing us cry over him. We wanted him to go out and do what he loves to do: be outside getting attention. He loves to be loved."

Since Maverick couldn't walk alone, Joey went to a local store to find something that could carry him. When he finally found the perfect wagon, Joey burst into tears — Maverick would love this.

As soon as he was outside, situated in his wagon, Maverick’s face lit up in a beautiful dog smile.

Joey really thought this would be his last time outside with Maverick, but he was wrong.

"It was an instant transformation," said Joey. Maverick started looking better. Over the next few days, Joey and Maverick continued going for walks with the wagon.

People began to recognize the friendly golden retriever in the wagon. Locals started coming outside to give the dog a treat or rub on the head.

Maverick's health continued to improve. His daily walks revitalized him in ways no one thought were possible.

He's become a true local celebrity! Someone even started a local fundraiser to help buy him a doggie wheelchair.

Today, Maverick is feeling much better. The tumor paralyzed his hind legs, but he's been healed by the huge amounts of love he's received from everyone around him. Keep on rolling, Maverick!


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