Girl gets assaulted on the bus because of her shorts

Maude Vallet is a young 18-year-old student. She lives in Toulon, France, where she doing a literature preparatory course. It's a beautiful day in the month of June and she decides to go to the beach to relax and refresh herself.

After spending the whole afternoon in the sun, she decides to leave and takes the bus to go home. 


While she's sitting there quietly on the bus, keeping to herself, five young girls approach her. It's not until they get right up close to her, that a whole drama unfolds. The five girls, who seem to be in her age group, begin insulting and harassing her. And all because the shorts she's wearing are too short for this hostile group's liking. 

Maude then asks them a question: "Why are you treating me like a whore just because of my shorts, when a man can walk around topless in the streets of the city without anyone saying a thing?" The girls respond by saying: “Because you are a woman, you have to respect yourself stupid idiot.” 

As nobody seems to do anything to help her, Maude decides to get off the bus really quickly to escape from the aggressiveness of the girls. But even then, the girls continue to follow and molest her. Fortunately, at that moment a man walks past and catches the group in the middle of its rant and helps Maude out of a difficult situation.

When she gets home, the young girl is so upset that she decides to share her misadventure on Facebook.

Here's her post, entitled, "Hello, I am a whore": 

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Maude denounces the horrible injustice she was a victim of and is certainly going to complain to the police to make her case be heard. Her post has gone viral and has been liked more than 80,000 times. After her post, Maude received a lot sympathy and a parade was organized with all attendees wearing shorts in the streets of Toulon to show solidarity to her. 

Maude's demonstration of courage could inspire others not to remain quiet after an assault such as this. It’s a beautiful example of determination! 


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