Formerly obese young woman transforms dramatically

When she was 16, Mathilde Broberg from Denmark saw a video taken at school that showed her something very upsetting: herself — and she didn't like what she saw. 

Mathilde was obese and it complicated her life in all kinds of ways. She was sick of it. "I realized how big I was and knew there was no way I could go to college looking how I did. I knew it would be a living nightmare." She knew it would be nice to date, but she didn't because of her weight. In fact, she couldn't remember a time when her size had felt healthy.

At over 260 lbs she also was in the habit of eating excessively, around 3,500 calories a day — far more than the recommended daily amount. She suffered constant small humiliations and was even turned away from riding a rollercoaster because she was "too fat." It all added up to an unbearable stress.

After seeing the school video though, things changed. Mathilde was determined. She abruptly stopped eating chips, sweets, and other junk food and quit soda as well. She used a technique she called her "teaspoon diet." By using a very small utensil, she slowed herself down and ended up consuming much less food. 

It was a way of tricking her body into feeling full sooner. Or perhaps she just had time to feel full, whereas before, she’d continued to eat after she was full without stopping to notice.

However it worked, the great thing was that it did work and Mathilde started losing weight.

By the time she'd lost 120 lbs, you'd expect that she would feel great about herself. But now she was tormented by the excess skin on her belly. Thankfully, the Danish government's health insurance covers weight-loss-related plastic surgery. So as her next step Mathilde was able to have the excess skin removed.

Mathilde was beginning to enjoy her new healthy body and she exercised more too. By the time she was training four or five times a week, she had gotten hooked. And here she found her new calling: she became a sportswear model!

After thinking she would never find a boyfriend, she could now say, "Out of nowhere I’ve suddenly become interesting to the boys. I’ve turned down a lot of people who have asked me out because if they can’t handle me at my biggest they don’t deserve me now."

She only wanted someone who cared for her as she really is — inside and out. And she found him: the person who supported her from the beginning, her trainer!

Mathilde is proud of her transformation and she regularly uploads pictures to her Instagram account showing her progress. 

As painful as that school video must have been for her, she managed to turn it into a source of motivation and to change her whole life step by step. She's a great example of what's possible when you set your mind to it: from obese to model-fit!




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