Mother is criticized for dyeing her six-year-old's hair green

Mary Thomaston from Florida works as a hair dresser and specializes in color treatment. Her six-year-old daughter Lyra loves her mom's work and desperately wanted a crazy, colorful 'do of her own. The first grader wouldn't give up and after much persuasion, her mom agreed.


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"I told my daughter, if your school allows it, I'll do it - and that was the case," said Mary. "Lyra's hair is already really light so I only had to add a little color. I didn't want her to shave the side because I thought she'd regret it later. But she actually loves it!"

The mother posted photos of her happy, mermaid-resembling six-year-old online and was surprised to receive very mixed reviews. While some complimented her daughter, she also received serious criticism. People suggested Mary was "poisoning" her daughter with the chemical dye. Mary insisted that she only used non-harmful, non-permanent hair color on her daughter. Critics also put her parenting into question since she allowed a first grader to choose such a bizarre look.

The young mom struggled to understand the criticism: "If an adult has a crazy hair color, people tell them they are too childlike. So when is it okay? I think you should let children have fun while they are still young. Who knows what career Lyra may choose later, a lot of jobs don't allow unnatural hair colors. If you think about it, this is the perfect age to let her experiment with color."


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