Mailman gets creative so an eager retriever gets a daily letter

Martin Studer works as a mailman in Brisbane, Australia. He always looks especially forward to one house on his route: the home of Pippa the golden retriever. That's because this four-legged friend waits eagerly and with a vigorously wagging tail for him every day. Her favorite occupation is to bring her family's mail to them.

However, on some days, Martin doesn't have any mail for the household even though Pippa is already in position and waiting expectantly at the door. "Then I have to improvise," said the Australian. 

In those cases, we writes "Mail for Pippa" on a delivery slip so that she has something to proudly bring inside. 

No wonder that Martin is Pippa's favorite mailman by a country mile! So adorable that the Australian puts so much effort into making his best customer happy. 


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