Italian doctor dresses as clown to entertain kids in war zones

It's an unfortunate fact that in many places in the world war is still taking its toll on innocent people. For people who aren't living through this kind of horror it can be easy to forget that there are many others who fear for their lives every day while bombs fall all around them. And the worst part is, many of these victims of war are children...



Their suffering is heartbreaking — what should be the most joyous and carefree time of their lives is stolen from them and their childhoods become a nightmare. But Marco Rodari, a young doctor from Italy, has refused to stand by and watch this happen. He has dedicated his life to bringing smiles to the faces of all the children "who have suffered (or are still suffering) physical and psychological trauma as a result of a war experience."

His stage name is "Pimpa the Clown" and he's been visiting war zones for many years with the sole aim of entertaining the children and bringing a bit of light into their dark lives. He has also started a special organization called "Per far sorridere il cielo." Marco stages comedy and magic shows to fascinate the children and help them forget the misery they face each day.

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Marco sees the suffering firsthand and does what he can to alleviate it. He visits refugee camps, ravaged villages, and hospitals...

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He calls the children "different heroes" — he knows their fears and the horrors they face each day: bombs, misery, poverty, death. Marco's alter ego "Pimpa" is a special kind of clown, one who can face even the most adverse circumstances with a smile and wink. Marco believes that "a child who is given wonder will be a healthy carrier of peace."

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Marco travels with the cardboard suitcase that belonged to his grandfather, and his inseparable red clown nose. When someone asks why he is doing all this, he only replies: "Getting a smile from a child gives sense to my life, fills it to the brim. That's it."

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Marco himself is obviously a "different hero" with a ton of courage a huge heart of gold. It's amazing that there are people out there who are willing to dedicate their lives to such a worthy cause. You can find out more about his organization on their website. Marco and his fellow volunteers surely deserves some applause for their efforts to keep those kids smiling!


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