Horrible sight: Maggot-infested pony is saved

Chloe Atkins from West Yorkshire, England, was driving past a large fenced-in pasture when she noticed several ponies grazing. One of them was standing with its hind legs facing the street. When Chloe noticed this particular pony, she stopped the car suddenly. The poor animal before her eyes was not only dangerously thin, it also had a large patch of red, naked skin on its back. Chloe immediately contacted an organization called World Horse Welfare, which specializes in rescuing horses that are suffering from neglect.


Sarah Tucker, a member of the organization, came as fast as she could. As she carefully approached the pony to get a better look, the full extent of its condition became clear. "As soon as I started walking up to him I could smell a real infection smell. It was quite putrid. There was an obvious wound on his back," remembers Sarah. "He did stand up and try to walk away but he was very, very weak...as soon as I started to examine him I could see that there were maggots on his skin underneath his coat." Sarah knew that there was no time to waste and she quickly brought the pony to the veterinarian. According to the vet, she was just in time. Another few days without medical attention and the poor pony would have surely died.


The pony was treated and brought to the World Horse Welfare stables to recover. While there, the pony was given the name "Buggy". The wound is now completely healed but Buggy is still very thin and it will take some time for him to regain his weight and his strength. The next step after that is to find him a new home. Buggy's first owner (also the owner of the other ponies rescued from that pasture) has not yet been found, but the authorities are still looking. And one thing is for sure: Buggy and the others will definitely not be going back to where they came from!


Chloe Atkins has since been to visit the shaggy little pony and is amazed with the transformation. Looking at Buggy now, she would never have guessed that he is the same, scraggly pony she saw on the pasture that day. Thanks to Chloe, little Buggy is still alive and doing better than ever.


You can find out more about Buggy's rescue in this video:

It's a very well-deserved happy ending for a very brave little pony!

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