Mini ninja warrior tears up backyard obstacle course built by her dad

One thing you have to love about kids is their fearless willingness to try anything. And they do love a challenge. But what is true for most kids is doubly so for young Lylah MacCall of Denver. She's in training to be America's next ninja warrior and she has a distinct advantage over her future competitors: She is all of five years old. There's nothing like starting young when you plan on achieving greatness! Here's Lylah making mincemeat of a backyard obstacle course built by her dad:

Lylah's dad Gavin is going to have to up his game if he plans on keeping up with this fierce young competitor. And for that matter, obstacle course designers at NBC's American Ninja Warrior should probably think about how they are going to keep her from breezing through their challenges in 2029's Season 20. They wouldn't want it to look too easy! In the interest of Lylah's continued training, Gavin has set up a (very modest!) Go Fund Me page. She's sure to exceed her goal in no time!


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