Impressive: 400-pound man becomes fitness superstar

Luis Trigo from Norcross, Georgia, had a serious problem that was damaging his health, his social life and his confidence. At the age of 30, Luis was dangerously overweight at around 400 lbs.


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As an adult, he began to develop very unhealthy eating habits and became a self-proclaimed junk food addict: "I would eat McDonald’s for breakfast, two double cheeseburgers for lunch then a pepperoni pizza for dinner." Luis also had a constant craving for sugar and would consume sweet soft drinks with every meal.

The effect this diet had on his body was devastating and people's reactions were hard on Luis. "I received mean comments on a daily basis – people would call me a 'nobody' and ask 'How do you even sit on planes with your size?'  It was very hurtful," he explained.

Luis's weight problem got so bad that he even had to quit his job. As the manager of a warehouse his job demanded quite a bit of movement and the extra weight made it difficult for him to get around. Luis could hardly stand on his feet for very long, never mind work, and this started affecting his mental health as well. His unhappiness was rapidly becoming depression and he knew he was ill.

Then, in April 2011, Luis's condition became critical: he began suffering heart problems and was rushed to the hospital. It was then that he knew that he had to change his life drastically if he wanted to continue living — it was now or never.


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Luis swore off fast food forever. He also cut back on his sugar intake and started a ketogenic diet which was high in protein and vegetables and very low in carbohydrates.


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Luis also started an intense fitness regimen. Working out soon became his passion and he decided to start a new career as a personal trainer.

He loves to help other people get back in shape and his pictures on Instagram have earned him over 25,000 followers.


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Luis's transformation is amazing, but the amount of discipline that went into achieving it is even more impressive. It's an inspiring story that will hopefully motivate others to find a healthy lifestyle before it's too late.


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