Young man from Argentina spends $30,000 to turn himself into an elf.

Luis Padrón, a 25-year-old man from Argentina, has an appearance that's hard to ignore. From a very young age, his passion was fantasy fiction and cosplaying. It all led to a somewhat strange obsession: his desire to become a real-life elf.  

At school, Luis was bullied by his classmates for the clothes he wore and for dyeing his hair. He took refuge in fantasy novels and films, like The Neverending Story or Labyrinth, and would dress up as his favorite characters. But gradually, he wanted more. "Over time things changed, the older teens liked me because I was unique, and that's what encouraged me to become outside what I felt I was inside. I started with cosplay but it was not enough, I wanted to become the reflection of my own perception of beauty," explains Luis.

He was just 14 when he made the incredible decision that he would undergo surgery to become an elf — a creature of extraordinary beauty that he had long admired. His transformation began six years later with his first operation.


Today, $30,000 later, Luis has had more than 40 fillers, Botox injections, liposuction in the jaw, surgery on his nose, whitening of the skin with lasers to remove freckles and blemishes, complete body hair removal, and is undergoing a procedure — not yet medically approved — to turn his brown eyes blue.

"It was without anesthesia, was very painful, and I had to use eye drops and wear very dark sunglasses. I basically became like a vampire with extreme photosensitivity. My eyes didn't turn crystalline blue, at the moment, they are a grayish color, but I hope I can get there in the four sessions I have left," the 25-year-old elf says.

And Luis has not finished his transformation and plans to undergo further extreme surgery, such as shaping his ears to make them pointed, shaping his jaw to give it a diamond-like point or altering his eyes a bit like a cat's. In total, he spends about $5,000 a month: on aesthetic procedures, such as skin whitening or dyeing his hair, and on beauty products including contact lenses and makeup. No wonder people are amazed when they see him on the street. 

He would also like surgery to increase his height and have four of his ribs removed to give him a thinner body. Even though he knows some people will think he is crazy, the "Plastic Prince" as he calls himself, just wants to fulfill his dream. "I want to be an elf, an angel, a fantasy, my goal is to look inhuman, ethereal, elegant and delicate. I have my own ideal of beauty and I want to achieve it no matter how much it costs," Luis explains. 

Luis feels trans-species and he asks that other people respect this. His determination is helping him fulfill his dream, but it does raise the question whether he has gone too far and may one day regret it.

Having so many, and some potentially extreme, cosmetic operations should not be undertaken lightly. After all, your body is the only one you get and it has to last a lifetime. What do you think? Either way, we hope that Luis is happy and does not have anything done that he later regrets or that damages his health.


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