Airport security check reveals huge dildo collection

A woman from China was going on a trip to the United Sates, so her friends asked her to bring back a few things for them. One of those things was sex toys, which aren't easy to buy in China.


On the trip back the woman had an entire suitcase filled with dildos and vibrators. She had remembered to remove all the batteries from the "toys" so they didn't accidentally turn on and attract unwanted attention.

But at the airport she had to go through a security check that included an X-ray scan of her luggage. When she put her bag on the scale, the security staff stared suspiciously wondering why one of the bags weighed over 60 lbs.  As it went through the X-ray, the reason was soon revealed. The security personnel stared wide-eyed at a bunch of strangely-shaped silhouettes on the screen. The young woman started getting very nervous.

"Please open your bag!" bellowed one of the security guards. The woman slowly opened the zipper and stood there completely embarrassed as the guards started pulling out one dildo after the other.

After a quick examination of the devices, the guards put them back in the case, closed it and wished the young woman a pleasant flight. She could see they were blushing and were probably just as embarrassed as she was.

There's one thing the young woman can be sure of: those sex toys probably weren't the strangest things those security guards had ever found in a suitcase. Have a good flight!




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