Abused quadruplets grow into happy and successful young women

Life for Bianca, Madison, Tiffany, and Paris Lucci looked enviably perfect. The pretty quadruplet sisters lived in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the world: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Their parents were successful, raising the girls in a huge house with a pool. From the outside everything looked ideal.

But behind the glamorous facade these kids were growing up in hell. Their father was violent, aggressive, and contemptuous. He yelled at them and told them daily that they would never amount to anything. He made them put up posters around their neighborhood, which was actually part of his own job, and he underfed them. Teachers at their school noticed that the girls were always hungry and would slip them a little money every day for them to buy extra food.

Unfortunately their mother had severe psychological problems and wasn't able to protect herself or the children from her husband. Then one year, four days before Christmas, she said that she was going out for some last-minute holiday shopping and she simply never came back. The four girls were left alone with a tyrant.

Youtube/The Lucci Quadruplets

One of the most disturbing details is that their father treated his sons completely normally. When his mood changed he would take it out only on the girls. Not a day went by that he didn't beat or kick the quadruplets. One of the girls was then attacked by a child molester and instead of supporting her, her father blamed her. He threw one of the girls to the ground with such force that it broke her arm. At the hospital he claimed that she had just slipped and fallen. 

Youtube/The Lucci Quadruplets

When the girls were 11, Madison went to school one day with a bloody wound on her forehead and this time, when the teacher asked where it had come from, she admitted the truth: her father had done it. Now the teacher finally had something — visible proof of her suspicions — and she alerted the police. The girls were swiftly removed from their home, separated from one another, and placed in foster homes.

But their father wanted to avenge himself on his children and thought they had "betrayed" him. He told potential foster parents what horrible children his daughters were and he harassed and threatened people who did take them in. This sent a number of families running.

Finally, however, the quadruplets' luck turned: they arrived all together at the same home with foster mother Nadine Jett. And here they stayed — at last a safe haven. When they talk today about all the people who helped them, they glow when Nadine's name is mentioned. This loving woman provided them with safety and comfort, she supported and encouraged them, and she believed in them. She knew that they could be successful and happy.

With Nadine's backing and the help of their teachers, all four of them finished school successfully which unfortunately is a rare accomplishment foster children.

Youtube/The Lucci Quadruplets

At the end of October, Bianca, Madison, Tiffany, and Paris turned 20. They're college students now and the three of them who play basketball made the team.

They're living proof — successful, happy, living proof — of how wrong their father was. The quadruplets know how hard the American foster system is for many kids. They were lucky. And so in May of 2016 they created a foundation together called "A Case of Love" to help other foster children. 

Watch this touching documentary about the Lucci sisters here:

What incredibly strong young women. As long as they have each other and the other wonderful people who've supported them, no one is going to be able to break them as their own father tried to. All that's left is to wish them the best possible future. After all, the best revenge is always to live a good, happy life.


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