Someone insulted their baby online but a stranger came to the rescue

Every parent finds their own child beautiful, and that’s as it should be. If we happen to hear (or overhear) uncomplimentary words about our kids, it’s impossible not to be affected.

Sara Heller and Chris Eidam faced mean-spirited commentary like this, because their first child, Brody, was born with a congenital defect. But kindness would soon overcome cruelty...

Their doctor had already warned them during the pregnancy that ultrasounds were showing a developmental problem. He believed it was a serious condition that could affect the baby for life. But they wanted this child so much, they decided to continue with the pregnancy: “If our son is born breathing, that is enough for us.”

Brody arrived and soon it was clear that he did suffer from a rare condition. In fact, only nine other cases are known worldwide. He has a bilateral cleft lip as well as chromosomal loss disorder, and looks different from most other children as a result. But his parents decided to share their joy proudly so they posted photographs of their son on Facebook, the same as many millions of other parents.

Most of their friends join in their delight, supporting and enjoying little Brody as he develops. But unkind comments have come too. One person wrote, “What’s wrong with your son’s face?” Sara responded politely but she was saddened and upset. It hadn’t felt like a warm-hearted inquiry but, rather, the start of bullying — and their baby was only four months old.

A few days after this comment, still somewhat shaken, Sara and Chris took their son to dinner with some friends at a nearby restaurant. They had begun to worry about whether their little boy’s appearance would always be accepted. The group gathered and ate together, enjoying the evening out. When the waitress brought them their bill, however, they got the surprise of their lives.

“I have a gift for you from another table,” she told them. Sara immediately expected a message written on a napkin. But no, it was a check. For $1,000. The intended recipient was “your beautiful baby.”

The anonymous fellow diner was already gone by the time they received it, so they couldn’t thank the person. It was a gesture of kindness that truly honors the person who made it. The intent was to help them pay for much-needed plastic surgery for Brody, to connect the skin of his upper lip.

The timing simply couldn’t have been better: exactly when they were doubting humanity someone stepped in to reassure them that they will find acceptance, Brody will be appreciated, and people can be wonderful after all. What a brave family — and what a generous stranger! 


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