Son surprises his mom with an amazing matchmaker scheme—so adorable!

“I would like to introduce you to my mother… My mother is single and she deserves a good man,” says Alex Lyngass right at the beginning of the video. The young man from Oslo taped his 69-year-old mother secretly to give her a very unusual Mother’s Day gift. But neither he, nor his mother, expected that they would enchant millions of other people with it.

Eva lives in Norway, but she received letters from all over the world—thousands of them. This gift may just be the sweetest gift that a son has ever made for his mom on Mother’s Day. And this son is surely from some pretty good stock. If you were pulled in by the beginning of their story, here's chapter two:

It looks like the search for Adam is still on... or perhaps another update is just around the corner? It looks like we must all wait to find out!


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