Woman steals ring from corpse, but it’s not what she thinks

It was hard enough to die. But for the late Lois Hicks of Texas, that wasn’t the end of the bad news.

After Lois passed away peacefully at 88, her loved ones organized a wake to celebrate her life and say goodbye.

But something happened that afternoon at the funeral home to add an element of tragic farce to what was already a sad event. Once the attendants were gone, an unrelated woman entered the establishment after asking to use their bathroom. But instead she entered the room where the wake had been held. She approached the coffin as if she wanted to offer her own very private condolences.

Then, as the security cameras revealed, she leaned over Lois’s body, held the odd position for a long moment, then simply turned on her heel and left. What an odd farewell.


When Lois’s relatives returned they noticed that a diamond ring was missing from one of Lois's fingers. They immediately checked the footage and, seeing the strange woman, realized that she hadn’t been mourning Lois, she’d been wrenching the ring off a dead woman’s finger so she could steal it! 

The family was shocked. They called the police who were able to capture the thief and recover the ring.

But now comes the priceless detail of the story that would have ruined all the thief’s best efforts, even had she succeeded. That was no diamond ring — it was a fake! It was made of plastic, just a simple trinket. Lois may not have escaped death, but she certainly had the last laugh.

You can watch the whole botched robbery here. Note the way the thief keeps an eye on Lois's face — keeping the witness distracted, perhaps?

There’s a certain satisfaction in seeing people get what they deserve. 

Well, maybe the thief learned a lesson too: don’t judge a book (or a ring) by its cover... and then steal it. It might not be what you thought it was. Or perhaps the lesson was, leave the dead to rest in peace — and leave their stuff alone too! One way or the other, it's good to know that this thief won't be tormenting any other families in their time of mourning.


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