Model gives up strict diet to lead a happy life

Liza Golden-Bhojwani started modeling when she was just 17. Her career was going well, but she soon noticed that her figure didn't quite meet the standards at the highest level of the fashion industry.

Liza began going on very strict diets and eating only around 500 calories a day, a third of the recommended caloric intake to maintain proper health. Her typical meal would consist of only 20 boiled peas. At that point her hips measured 34 inches.

The dieting seemed to be paying off. Liza was now walking runways for the most prestigious fashion designers. Everything seemed to be going according to plan until one evening something very unexpected happened and forced her to make a big decision.

While making dinner, Liza fainted. When she came to, she knew that she had to start eating more, so bit by bit she increased her caloric intake. First she started eating more snacks such as almonds, then she began eating full dinners. This progressed until Liza was finally eating anything she wanted, even foods she had denied herself for years.

Despite her new eating habits, she still managed to book a lot of modeling jobs. But eventually her figure began to change and when her hips reached 36 inches, designers stopped booking her. Liza was now considered "too fat."

Liza was depressed and her self-confidence hit an all-time low: "I thought I was weak-minded, I didn’t care enough, or maybe I just didn’t want it enough."

Then Liza traveled to India where she met a man, fell in love and settled down. Motivated and happy, she decided to go back to modeling. Her first instinct was to lose weight, but then she realized something: "Why am I fighting against my body?" she asked herself, "Why don’t I just go in the same direction?"

Liza continued to eat normally and found her "natural" figure.

Since then, Liza has been much happier and is living a more fulfilling life.

She is at ease with her body, proclaiming, "I eat what I want and I don’t feel guilty."

Her curves are feminine and graceful, and she now works as a "plus size" model. She is determined to destroy the clichés linked to beauty and slimness, and you have to admit that she's doing a great job! This is a video where she advocates for feeling good in one’s body, whatever its shape, weight and size :

Liza is extremely beautiful and radiant — when you look at her it's easy to question the current "beauty standard": Why should extreme skinniness be desirable? Too many young girls today are influenced by photoshopped figures that are only attainable in real life by dieting to the point of starvation like Liza used to do.

Since she stopped torturing and starving herself, she Liza has become a beaming and happy woman. This isn’t surprising: happiness doesn’t depend on appearance, it depends on the harmonious, kind and balanced relationship we develop with ourselves. We should be gentle with our bodies and respect its needs. Let’s follow Liza’s example and learn to love ourselves exactly as we are!


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