Pregnant woman is saved from cancer by her daughter

Katie Hanson, a 23-year-old mom, literally owes her life to her daughter, Willow. And this was before her baby was even born. So when doctors advised Katie to have an abortion not far into her pregnancy, she knew it was her turn to save her daughter.

It all started when, during a routine pre-natal checkup, doctors discovered Katie had cervical cancer. They advised her to have an abortion so she could undergo treatment, but for Katie one thing was clear: if it had not been for her baby she would not have found out about her illness in time, so she could not bring herself now to have an abortion.

After Willow's birth, doctors removed three inches of Katie's cervix and soon after pronounced her to be cancer-free. But life still had more in store for her and her family.

When Willow was just three months old, Katie noticed she started having trouble breathing and eating. After countless tests, in which even Willow's DNA was screened, doctors found out she suffered from something very rare: inclusion cell disease.

Willow's disease is so rare there are only 72 known cases around the world. It affects primarily the heart, digestive and breathing systems, and the joints. Willow's extremely delicate condition means that something as common as a cold could be fatal. A heartbroken Katie was told her daughter would not live more than three years.

For now, Willow is already 22 months old and, according to her mom, is a very happy child. Katie is determined to fill her daughter's life with as many beautiful memories as she can. She has even managed to teach Willow to say "mama," despite the doctors' prognosis that Willow would probably never be able to speak.

Katie, who cares for Willow full-time, said, "She was my saving grace, if I had not gotten pregnant I would not have known I was developing cervical cancer. Our main priority now is to keep her comfortable and happy and, despite all the problems she faces, she is a very happy child." What an amazing and inspiring attitude! We wish Katie and little Willow all the best.


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