23-year-old covers "cheating" boyfriend's car with maxi pads

Jealousy can drive some people crazy and this story from China is a perfect example.

It was Li Tan's birthday and she was waiting patiently at home for her boyfriend De Wu. The young man was late and with every passing minute Li Tan was getting angrier. Finally she couldn't stand it any longer and started persuading herself that De Wu was was cheating on her with another woman. She became so convinced that she decided to take revenge. She headed out to the nearest store for a box of women's sanitary napkins. Li Tan then went straight from the store to her boyfriend's rental car and proceeded to cover it with the feminine hygiene products. A very creative revenge on a supposedly unfaithful boyfriend.

To vent her anger even further, Li Tan took some pics of her handiwork and posted them online with the caption, "Yes, I really did it!" When De Wu arrived to pick her up an hour later he got the shock of his life. And considering that he hadn't been unfaithful at all, he was a bit confused. It turned out that he hadn't been in the arms of another woman: instead, he'd been organizing a surprise party for Li Tan's birthday. "I showed her the restaurant reservation and told her that all of her friends were going to be there," explained the 24-year-old.


In the end Li Tan couldn't deny the evidence and the young couple went off to the party together — though not in the strangely decorated rental car. "I don't think anyone is going to be renting this car anytime soon," joked De Wu, who seems to have handled the incident with exceptional grace!


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