Five-year-old saves lives of other family members after car accident

It was a sunny summer's day back in 2015 when Angela Shymanski was driving from Calgary to their home in Prince George, British Columbia, with her children Lexi and Peter. The swimming instructor was exhausted: her energetic five-year-old and newborn baby required all the energy she had.

Angela unexpectedly passed out behind the wheel and veered off the cliff road down a 40 foot embankment and into a tree. When little Lexi opened her eyes, she only had a few scratches but her younger brother was bawling his eyes out. Her mother was unconscious, behind the steering wheel. They could not be seen from the road but then the five-year-old did something incredible.

Lexi managed to unfasten her five-strap car seat, drag herself out of the wreckage and then climb up the steep and rocky cliff face completely barefoot. Once she arrived at the roadside, she waved down a car to get help. As soon as the paramedics and firefighters arrived, they needed a rope to reach the completely destroyed car. The mother and her children were then evacuated by helicopter to the closest hospital. 

Baby Peter experienced brain swelling and Angela's back was broken in two spots, leading to internal bleeding. Thankfully though, they all survived! And they owe it all to the brave little girl: “It’s crazy! You can hardly even open the child seat she was in. It’s amazing what Lexi did and we’re eternally grateful and proud of it.”

Without the quick wits and courage of this blond five-year old, her mother and her brother would have had no chance of surviving. What a brave little girl!


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