Couple loses half their bodyweight in only one year

Lexi and Danny Reed are a happy, young couple. Lexi is 26 and Danny is 28. They live in Indiana and for the most part, their life is very good. Except for one thing: both have struggled for years with weight problems. On their wedding day, Lexi weighed 480 lbs and Danny was also very overweight at 280 lbs. Their weight problems have always affected their lives and led to some unfortunate and embarrassing situations.

Lexi will never forget one particular situation: "I was once turned away at a theme park because I was too big to fit on the rollercoasters, it was humiliating." Even on a normal day, Lexi was always concerned about her weight, fearing she might break a chair while sitting in a public place.

Lexi and Danny were unhappy with their bodies and knew that they had to do something to change their lives. "We were easily eating 4,000 calories a day each, we didn't know where to stop. We never ate vegetables and never tried to be healthy, everything we ate would either be fried or from a fast food restaurant," Lexi revealed about their eating habits before the diet. In January of 2016, the couple finally had enough and decided to make a big change.


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They didn't just change the way they ate, they changed their whole relationship. Eating fast food had become something of a bonding activity for Lexi and Danny: "It's what our relationship revolved around, most days we would go to a Chinese buffet and eat three-four plates each before getting home and ordering takeaway." This was replaced by healthy eating and regular "dates" in the fitness studio. Their efforts quickly paid off and Lexi started posting pics of their progress on her Instagram page which she called "Fat Girl Fed Up."

It was hard at first, but they stuck with it. Lexi was very determined to shed the pounds.


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Meanwhile, Lexi lost 240 lbs and Danny 70 lbs. The change was astounding. At first they just wanted to stop eating fast food for 30 days, but it's clear that they managed to hold out much longer. Now the couple takes the time to cook together using healthy, fresh ingredients. They also go to the gym five or six times a week. Not long ago they would have considered this torture, but now they're enjoying their new healthy lifestyle.


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Lexi is proud of their achievement: "Danny and I are still working hard every day, our journey isn't over yet, but never in a million years did we think we could get where we are today, it's incredible. Small changes are going to add up to big results." 


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It's really hard to believe that these are the same people — the transformation is incredible! It's easy to see that they're much happier.


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Lexi and Danny are truly inspiring. Their weight loss shows what can be achieved when people really want something and put their minds to it. Keep up the good work!


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