Six-year-old girl sells lemonade to help other foster kids

A’Layah began her childhood in foster care because her mother was addicted to drugs. The early years of her life weren’t easy. But at last a wonderful family came along and adopted her, the Robinsons in Oklahoma. Now she had a place to call home.

A’Layah is a pretty regular kid in most ways. She loves to play and gets excited about her toys just the way children do. But in one way, she’s very unusual for her age. 

Misty, A’Layah’s adoptive mom, recounted how she figured that out. Her daughter had been saving up for months to buy a toy she desperately wanted, the Barbie jeep. She’d collected her Christmas money, then her birthday money and she was getting close. But then a huge tornado swept through town ravaging property and wreaking havoc. One family the Robinsons knew well saw everything they owned destroyed.

And that’s when they discovered that the little girl they’d adopted had some extraordinary qualities for such a young child: as soon as A’Layah learned what had happened to their friends, she announced that she would donate all her savings to aid them in their time of need. That takes empathy and generosity!

But A’Layah wasn’t done. Then, as she reflected on the fate of kids like her, she decided to create an organization to do even more to help. How would she raise money? With a lemonade stand, naturally! (She knows something about turning lemons into lemonade.) And what for? Helping kids in the Oklahoma foster care system. And thus was born Lemonade for Love.

Now the whole community is involved. The money they’ve raised goes towards bags (bright yellow, of course) filled with blankets, toys, hygiene products, and more. And her work hasn’t gone unnoticed. One of her teachers, Tiffany Robertson, wrote to the TV show Pay It 4Ward, which covered A’Layah’s project and managed to raise an additional $400 for Lemonade for Love.

YouTube/ PayIt4Ward

They used it to buy hundreds of bags, blankets, and other gifts for foster children and to get even more people involved.

Check out the video to see the surprise A’Layah’s teacher prepared for her:

Coming up with an organization like this takes a big heart. A’Layah is an outstanding example for all of us!




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