American woman used to have the longest fingernails in the world

75-year-old American, Lee Redmond, spent 30 years trying to reach her goal of having the longest fingernails in the world. She did it! Altogether her nails grew up to an average of 34–35 inches in length.


She always took good care of her nails and proudly displayed them to anyone who would stop by with questions. She never had any problems in her day-to-day life because she developed a system that allowed her to do everything she needed to. She just wouldn't tell anyone how she went to the bathroom.

Youtube/Guinness World Records

Her dream came true and she got an entry in the Guinness Book of World Record - she was over the moon.

Her nails were not just her pride and joy, but also a shield—a shield she could hide behind.


But one day tragedy befell her. Lee got into a car accident and her fingernails broke off!


"I saw a shadow and then heard a loud bang. I could hear my fingernails break and I started to cry." This was her worst nightmare. The bag below shows what is left of her nails.

Youtube/This Is Genius

She felt totally lost for a long time. She felt like she didn't just lose her nails, but a huge part of her personality in the crash.

Youtube/Guinness World Records

But she was able to regain her strength. She started growing her nails again—both as a physical and spiritual healing process.

This helped her return to her life. Her grandchildren were once again fascinated by her nails and were excited to watch them grow again.

Youtube/This Is Genius

Wow. This woman has patience. Let's see how long they'll grow this time—maybe she'll break her own record!


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