Gorgeous: Twin sisters take over the fashion world

When the Swiss photographer Vinicius Terranova met the twins Lara and Mara Bawar in Brazil, he was determined to have them model for his latest project. The first thing he noticed about the sisters from São Paulo was their striking lack of pigment as a result of albinism. In stark contrast to their parents from West Africa, the 11-year-olds have pale skin, white-blonde hair and light-colored eyes.

For his photo series entitled "Flores Raras" (Rare Flowers), the artist put the girls in front of the camera and brought them to a wide audience. "My art represents the beauty of diversity," commented Vinicius on his pictures that really draw the viewer in.

The photo project has garnered the attention of big brands such as Nike and Bazaar Kids, and the girls are now modeling for them, too. And their sister, who is two years older and does not have albinism, is now also working as a model.

"We find it great that our beauty is appreciated in all of its aspects," said Sheila. Her little sisters have never wanted to look any different: "We like being different and we're happy with our uniqueness," explained the twins.

Mara and Lara are definitely unique. The odds that a child is born with albinism are 1:17,000 — for twins it's even more unlikely.

"These girls express in their own unique way just how different, majestic and perfect beauty can be," said Vinicius. The Bawar sister's 6,000 Instagram followers are proof of just how true this is.

They're fascinating images of two very unusual and gorgeous girls that really stick in your memory — and proof that beauty can take all kinds of very unexpected forms.


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