Handicapped twin gives stunning speech at his brother’s wedding

Kyle and Korey Soderman are twin brothers living in Florida and like many twins they’re identical.

Well, almost identical.

Youtube /Korey's Krew

Kyle is fortunate enough to have been a healthy child, while his brother Korey was born with cerebral palsy that prevents him from walking or talking. But as he grew up his parents still pushed him to grow, learn, and take risks. They wanted him to have just as full and rich a life as his brother.

Youtube /Korey's Krew

As they grew up Korey and Kyle developed that special bond that always unites twins, despite their own differences. They were inseparable and always there for each other. Maybe Korey’s handicap made them even closer. They always had the feeling their lives depended on one another, and they shared the handicap as much as they shared everything else — in a way that seems to have strengthened both of them.

Youtube /Korey's Krew

When Kyle is jokey, Korey laughs with him. When Korey is feeling low, Kyle is there to protect or cheer him up. When Kyle goes to a party he brings his brother, and when he goes out on the dance floor, he brings Korey with him, holding him up so they can both boogie.

Youtube /Korey's Krew

After taking so many steps together, the day arrived when they would take one step apart. Kyle was going to get married. Korey was clearly determined though, not just to support his brother on this big day, but to make sure that their closeness and appreciation of each other would continue to grow in this new phase of their lives. Naturally Korey was present at the wedding together with his girlfriend and the rest of the twins’ family. And he was going to give a speech.

But Korey can’t speak. So Kyle found himself reading his twin brother’s letter to him, out loud in front of all the guests in the wedding hall. As Kyle read into the microphone, seeing his brother’s words to him for the first time, he was so overcome with emotion he could hardly continue.

Youtube /Korey's Krew

When he finally collected himself and finished the letter, the room was full of joy and laughter and there wasn’t a dry eye in the hall. 

Thank goodness someone captured the moving moment on video for all of us to experience brotherly love the way Kyle did at that moment:

After this incredible speech Kyle lifted up his brother and the twins had one more dance, the strong one supporting the weaker one but both equally filled with appreciation and love. It’s an amazing reminder: so often those who live with the biggest burdens end up giving the most of all.


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