Puppy rescued after ten days trapped in a well

In February 2017, the Beykoz district fire department in Istanbul, Turkey, received a desperate call from residents of the Dereseki district. At dawn they had heard anxious whimpers coming from a well and could see that something was moving restlessly in the depths. But when the firefighters arrived, they quickly realized how difficult the situation was: the pit was about 230 feet deep and only 12 inches in diameter!

When the firemen finally saw what was crying desperately at the bottom, they couldn't believe it: it was a puppy that looked to be only around four months old. The rescue team immediately went into action. They knew that the puppy would not survive much longer without food or water, so they lowered some down on a rope. Further efforts to try to lasso the puppy and pull it up were unsuccessful.


The rescue team worked tirelessly for days but nothing seemed to work. Finally, after 10 long days they received an offer that gave them renewed hope. Staff at the Bahçeşehir secondary school of science and technology had heard about the situation and had come up with their own rescue plan that involved using a robotic arm that they had developed. The rescue operation took over three hours, but it was a success. At 5:45 on the morning of February 15, the puppy was finally freed from the well.

The rescuers named the puppy "Kuyu" which is the Turkish word for well. They took the traumatized little dog to the vet to have him checked out and fortunately he was in good health.

But the best part was yet to come. When no one came to claim Kuyu, the fire department that saved him decided to adopt him. The fortunate pup now had a big loving family to take care of him.

It's always heartwarming to see how a community can come together to prevent a tragedy. Kuyu is one very lucky dog — if those people hadn't called for help, his life would have ended in that deep, dark well.

Now Kuyu is a full-fledged mascot for the fire department and he's loving every minute of it. That's what you call a very happy ending!

You can watch the rescue in this video...


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