Woman adopts two Indian girls and is invited on a TV show

Kristen Williams is a school teacher who dreamed of having children. There was only one thing standing in her way: she was single, which made the adoption process in the U.S. very difficult. Kristen, however, wasn't about to let that stop her.

She made arrangements to adopt a child from Nepal and spent $28,000 during the process. But then her dreams were shattered: the US government put a ban on all adoptions from Nepal based on evidence that many of them were being done fraudulently.


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Kristen was devastated. She had lost all her savings and the daughter she had longed for. Yet she was also determined and continued to look for ways of fulfilling her dream. Eventually she discovered that the government accepted adoptions from India.

In 2013, Kristen met Munni. "I saw her face and it was like an electric current hit my heart," she remembers. "She was everything I was looking for." Munni was only five years old and had already suffered horribly. She had been badly abused by her foster families and had scars covering her face and body.


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Fortunately for Munni, she now had a mother who loved her more than anything in the world. But the scars on her face continually reminded her of the traumatic episodes she had lived through.

Six months after adopting Munni, Kristen met another Indian girl named Roopa. When she saw her face and heard her story, her heart skipped a beat. If she had done it once, she could do it again, right? Kristen decided to adopt the three-year-old, too. Here you can see a photo of the two adoptive sisters:


These two.... Love my changuitas last day with Dr. Greg! #RoopaJoy #MunniBird #blessed #lovemakesafamily #adoptionrocks

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Roopa was also badly scarred and actually had no nose. As a baby she had been left in the trash where animals and insects had eaten her nose and lips. Kristen was shocked when she found out. All she knew then was that Roopa desperately needed the love that she was more than willing to give her.


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In 2016, Kristen took her two daughters to the television show "The Doctors" to ask them to help reconstruct their faces. And it worked: the program agreed to pay for the reconstructive surgery! A year after they were done, Kristen was invited back to the program to show the results. And they are awesome!

Munni underwent cosmetic surgery to remove the scars that reminded her of her childhood abuse, while Roopa had a reconstructive operation and received a prosthetic nose. The most surprising part is the prosthesis: it has a texture similar to skin and is exactly the same color. As Roopa grows older, it will be adjusted to fit her face.

Nobody wanted to adopt them because of their appearance, but Kristen gave them a second chance.


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She's doing a great job as a mother and her two children now have a very happy home. The program gave them tickets to go to Disney World and the girls had a wonderful time — the horrors they experienced are now a distant memory. 

Now the three are one happy family. Despite having had the corrective operations, Kristen teaches her daughter to love themselves just the way they are. And Kristen herself obviously has much more love to give — she's planning to adopt a third child from India and soon Roopa and Munni will have another sister. 

It's good to know that there are people in this world like Kristen, with so much love to share.


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