This baby bird's transformation will warm your heart

In 2014, Susan Hickman accidentally came across something lying on the floor that caught her eye: it looked like a cracked bird's egg. Susan picked it up and looked inside, only to see a tiny little head and yellow beak.

What Susan had found was a starling egg, with a chick somehow still alive inside. The little guy was so small vets told Susan it would surely die. The chick's eyes were still sealed shut and it had no feathers, only a few strands of fuzz. But Susan was not discouraged and decided to take care of the tiny bird.

YouTube/Susan Hickman

She named him Klinger. During the first two weeks, Susan had to feed Klinger every 20 minutes, day and night. It was an exhausting undertaking, but she was sure she had to at least try to save the helpless little creature she had found. Susan knew she was Klinger's only hope.

YouTube/Suan Hickman

Initially, Susan planned to raise Klinger and then release him back into the wild. But he had never had any contact with his mother, which meant he had never "imprinted." In other words, Klinger had never learned to identify himself as a bird. This meant he would not be able survive alone. 

Luckily, it's legal to have starlings as pets in Susan's home state, and so Susan was able to keep Klinger. Now fully grown, Klinger looks very different. What an incredible transformation!

YouTube/Susan Hickman

YouTube/Susan Hickman

You can see Klinger and Susan's story in the video below:

What an amazing pair they are! We wish this good samaritan and her unusual but adorable pet all the best.




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