This little kitten gets a nasty parasite removed

Warning: some viewers may find this video disturbing 

When her kitten became more and more lethargic, this pet owner got very worried. Then she noticed a large hole in the kitten's head. She decided to take a closer look, but what she pulled out of the hole is not what she expected.

Botflies are a particularly awful family of flies. To reproduce they lay their eggs in a host animal's hair or fur. Then the larvae bore into the skin, nourishing themselves on the host, though they can also move around under the skin. Once they're grown, they leave the host and the cycle begins again. These insects aren't just disgusting: they harbor enormous risk of infection and can cause paralysis.

Not least because of this was the little bundle of fur here glad to be rid of the maggot. Her meows at the end show how relieved she was.


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